About us

Protocole Tours is a fast-growing and high-content travel organization company backed by experts with more than 35 years of experience in the travel industry.

The international Protocole Tours offers travel options in Egypt, which meets the most demanding levels of services, comfort, comfort and safety with the best offer of quality and price.

Protocole Tours

Our first-class services are assured by our bus fleets, experienced Egyptologist guides, our high-level staff, special agreements and the contacts we have with most of the hotels, boats and restaurants throughout Egypt, including the tourist offer on the beaches of the Red Sea.
That is why “Protocole Tours” has been chosen by many travel agencies in Latin America, the United States and Europe, mainly Spain, Germany and Hungary to be their operator in Egypt.
In addition to our classic travel products in Egypt, our safaris, diving programs in the Red Sea and our special tours to religious sites. Protocole Tours is one of the few tour operators in Egypt that specializes in organizing sophisticated and attractive golf programs.


Protocole Tours is fully aware that an incentive trip means for the participants a prize and an award of honors.
Your companies want them to be treated the way they deserve.
Protocole Tours can help not only in the planning of trips, but also in ensuring that the incentive program is an unforgettable prize for participants in it.

Welcome ideas

* A live music band to receive the incentive group at the airport, plus flowers, sweets, drinks and canapés on buses on the way to the hotels.
* Full special assistance and immigration services to speed up procedures at the airport.
* The check in procedure on the bus on the way from the airport to the hotel.
* Horses and camels, plus a band at the entrance of the hotel.
* Welcome logos and posters in the hotel lobby and on the cruise.

Birthday Party

For any participant who matches his birthday during his trip in Egypt, the whole group is invited and will be taken to a typical Bedouin tent at the foot of the pyramids. The tent is prepared with provisions for an oriental buffet and a splendid birthday cake.
The best part in the party would be the camel dance show, in which there will be the same number of camels that the guest meets for years. Each person riding a camel will carry a fire torch in their hands that represents the birthday candles. There will also be a horse dance show that ends up encouraging everyone to a dance with live music.